About Us

At Southern Belle Candles, we emphasize self-care by creating a product that hopefully encourages you to participate in moments that bring you peace and tranquility. However, we get it – those moments may be few and far in between! So, we decided to create a slow-burning candle, designed to help you fully absorb and meditate in those quiet moments just a bit more. Yes - we want you to ‘take it all in’!

Southern Belle Candles are designed to enhance quiet moments and tranquil environments, and are also suitable for various activities - day or night. Whether you’re engaged in your morning devotions, working on a deliverable from home, or enjoying a smooth glass of wine while binge-watching your favorite show. Regardless of the task, Southern Belle Candles has the perfect candle for you!

Your quiet time is a special moment for you, and our candles are designed to make those moments last a little longer! This coconut soy candle is vegan and frost resistant, requiring no additives which allow it to burn longer than the traditional soy candle! We pride ourselves in creating an all-natural, coconut soy wax candle to guarantee a clean, soft and soot free burn. We hope you enjoy!